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Repair Services

Dynasty Lift Trucks Services Pte Ltd is a one-stop material handling solution provider. We aim to provide you a customise solution for all your products’ storage and handling needs. Whether you have a full size warehouse or a ramp-up factory, our products will be able to fulfill any requirement.

Brands we service

We specialize in servicing all Japanese Brands with 10 over years experiences. You don't have to worry a single hassle as everything has been carefully dealt with professionally.

Service list

We cover everything ranging from maintenance to repairs at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry.

Oil Leakage

Hydraulic systems will prone to be damage after long usage of carrying heavy items, it is counted as wear and tear. Due to this, you are unable to lift or lift less than usual speed. So we are here to do replacement for both seal kits and hose replacements with a good workmanship. To give you an ease of mind.


Tires are one of the most important aspects of maintaining a safer and better working experiences. Experiencing your equipment couldn't get the traction? Tires are prone to be use up after a long usage, so we are here to do tires replacements to give users a ease of mind.

Battery Replacement

Some of the problems with battery are overcharging, charge too many time, cell spoiled due to never charge fully before using, and also battery life-cycle have been used up etc. Nevertheless, with all this problems, we are here to do battery replacement if users are facing issue with it. We also do rebooting of batteries to try to save your costs.


We provide servicing for every Battery and Diesel equipment you have. Diesel Forklift maintenance consist of Oil Change, Oil Filter Change, brake systems, Gear Box systems, Tires Change, Greasing and Functional Check. Doing regular maintenance to your equipment whenever necessary will let your equipment last for a long time.

Trouble shooting Error Codes

Some times Error Codes will pops up to warn users there is problem/failure in various parts of the equipment. Our guys are trained to trouble shoot the Error Code and solve the problems if needs to.